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Sustainability & Responsibility

We, at DAD BOD PARADISE, are fully dedicated to making the world a better place. When it comes to sustainability and responsibility, we go above and beyond to fulfill our part. Since we operate as a digital business with a print-on-demand model, our team works remotely from the comfort of their own homes. We prioritize minimizing travel by car or plane, as it's not a significant aspect of our operations. However, the primary responsibility for sustainability lies with our carefully chosen partner.

Here's a summary of their website, highlighting their commitment:
Our Partner, committed to sustainability and responsibility, is dedicated to improving its business practices and reducing environmental impact. They prioritize on-demand manufacturing to minimize overproduction and reduce textile waste. By producing items on-demand, they aim to deliver orders within the same region, reducing CO₂ emissions during transportation. To enhance sustainability, they have implemented eco-friendly packaging designs and increased the post-consumer-recycled (PCR) plastic content in their apparel mailers. The environmentally friendly product collection is continuously expanding new items, including those made from recycled polyester fabric.

To address fabric waste, Our Partner actively improves all-over-print layouts and recycles or donates damaged or unclaimed items. They have also partnered with Geocycle and Martex to process fabric waste, demonstrating their commitment to responsible waste management. Additionally, they have established partnerships with Sedex, an ethical trade service provider, to map their supply chain, improve sourcing processes, and gather ethical data from suppliers.

Our Partner's long-term goal is to establish on-demand manufacturing as the industry standard while continually pursuing sustainable initiatives. They enable CO2 offsetting for customers and collaborate with Native to offset associated emissions. Furthermore, they actively support educational initiatives and partnerships focused on diversity and inclusion.

Through their efforts, Our Partner has demonstrated a commitment to sustainability, transparency, and ethical business practices. They value customer feedback and continuously seek ways to improve and become more environmentally aware.